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MS Project Server Alternative

toast EPM formerly known as Aceicon Project Server is an easy to use and competitively priced alternative to Microsoft Project Server. Microsoft Project Server is one of the components of Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution. Other components like Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Portfolio Server need to be purchased to get the full benefits of the EPM solution. Microsoft Project Server on its own just acts as a server for MS Project Professional files and can be used mainly for project tracking and scheduling. Other features like collaboration etc. come from other components of Microsoft EPM solution.

On the other hand, Aceicon Project Server is a full fledged EPM solution. Aceicon EPM Solution comes with a suite of integrated modules for enterprise wide management of projects including project financials, resources, contractors, documents, knowledge, issues, risks and communication. These features come at a fraction of the price of Microsoft Project Server. The best part is Aceicon Project Server's compatibility with Microsoft Project Professional (.mpp) files. This enables existing MS Project users to easily use Aceicon Project Server in their enterprise. Team members can easily access the project using a browser and also update the status, enter timesheets, review issues, risks, documents etc. Here is a list of some more compelling reasons to use Aceicon Project Server as an alternative to Microsoft Project Server.

Save time on Setup and configuration

MS Project Server is very difficult to setup and configure for your organizational needs. Sometimes this can take months to roll out. Additionally, MS Sharepoint is required to be setup separately for collaboration needs of the team. 

Save on Licensing, Customization and Support costs

  • Our EPM Solution comes with a free MS Project file viewer. You do not need to have MS Project Professional License to view a project file (mpp). Thus, only Project managers can continue to have MS Project professional and you can save on MS Project Professional licensing cost for team members. Project managers can share their plans with their team members once they import their plans into our product.

  • With our competitive pricing, you save money compared to Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Share point Server licensing costs

  • In most cases, companies do need customization of some features and reports for the EPM solution to be suitable for them to use. Customization Charges of Aceicon Project Server are much lower compared to Microsoft Project Server. Similarly, Aceicon Project Server's support and maintenance charges are priced competitively and kept lower than Microsoft Project Server.

Save on user training

Microsoft Project Server is complex to learn, configure and use hence users generally require lot of training for an effective use of the system. Our product has a very user friendly and intuitive interface, most companies can use it without any user training thus saving on costs.