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Engineering Procurement & Construction companies's business focusses on providing engineering, design and construction services to their clients. EPC companies take up end-to-end turnkey projects or provide standalone solutions for specific client needs.

EPC companies execute multiple projects at any point in time with multiple people involvement. Projects are big in size and require constant review and interaction between employees, management, stakeholders, customer, vendors & contractors. Management wishes to get up-to-date status of projects and know about any issues and risks.

toast software solutions can help EPC companies take control of their business by controlling and managing their sales, projects, employees and vendors. Uniformity can be built in project execution and reporting. Here is how toast can help EPC companies.

Sales Management

- Manage your leads and sales team

- Analyse sales data and performance 

- Upon leads' conversion, convert them to projects in toast for further management. 

Project Management

- Full fledged project management with features to build projects internally or import them from MS Project
- Manage your project finances. Assign budgets to projects and track progress against budgets on three key project items - labour, material and expenses.
- Build BOM for identifying what materials are required for a project.
- Identify project deliverables, milestones and manage your project schedule.
- Keep a eye on the project issues and risks.

Resource Management

- Monitor your resource assignment across all projects.

- View Resource Usage to see work scheduled across all projects.

Inventory Management

- Track organizational material inventory across multiple warehouses.

- Assign material to project and monitor the project inventory and usage of material in various projects.

Project Procurement

- Procure all project related material identified in BOM through in built POs.

- Manage your project purchases and material receipts.

Document Management

 - Use Inbuilt Project document repository for storing project documents like contracts, drawings etc.

- Control access to documents and manage and track different document versions.

Contractor Management

- Manage work outsourced to contractors.

- Use work orders for work assignment to contractors.

Team Collaboration

- Use project specific discussion boards to share and disseminate knowledge with all the Stakeholders.

- Use in built messaging (emails) for project specific communication.

- Collaborate on project specific documents.

- Get notifications about project events.

Project Status Reporting

- Live Dashboards show project health.

- Different Dashboards for different user roles CXO, Customers,Project Manager, Developer, Resource Manager, and more.

- Build Project Status reports and even publish textual status reports on Dashboards for others to review.