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toast CRM features

Lead Management

  • Manage Lead through its various stages 
  • Track activities by lead.
  • Assign action items to others for lead related tasks. Manage action items.
  • Create Follow ups for a lead. Get reminders for upcoming follow ups.

Document Management

  • Keep a central repository of all lead documents like quotations, tenders, contracts etc.
  • Create revisions of documents and keep a record of various versions.

Sales Team Management

  • Mantain Sales Team Hierarchy
  • Set Sales Targets
  • Monitor sales team expenses and costs
  • Review and manage ROI
  • View performance by teams

Contact Management

  • Manage your contacts database including lead accounts, lead contracts etc.
  • Converts Lead Accounts to customers upon lead closure.

toast EPM features

toast formerly known as Aceicon EPM Solution comes bundled with features that make it easy choice for project management needs of organizations. It can be easily used by professionals or organizations who are already users of Microsoft Project management tools. Even organizations that haven’t used Microsoft project management tools and are looking for an enterprise class project management solution can easily begin to use our product. Following is the features listing of our product.

Project Management

  • Build projects directly in AceIcon Project Server 
  • Import project from Microsoft Project file
  • Baseline projects
  • Earned value report
  • Search in Project
  • Project Status based on defined Rules(On time - Green, Warning - Yellow, Late - Red)
  • Publish/Unpublish projects to make them visible/invisible
  • Lock/Unlock projects for edits
  • Project Status date indicating project updated till date
  • Project Calendar to plan hours and holidays

Project Dashboard

  • Project Summary including alerts
  • Different Dashboard views for CXO, Project Managers, Customers and more 
  • Graphical representation of key project metrics

Task Management

  • Add & Edit tasks quickly with inline editing in grid
  • Advanced Task types like Fixed Unit, Fixed Duration, Fixed Work
  • Advanced Task constraints and dependencies
  • Leverage task dependencies, constraints etc. for faster project updates
  • Milestones
  • Task scheduling based on Project and Resource calendars
  • Update and track task status using % complete, Actual, Remaining duration, or per day hours
  • Control updates to project accept (merge) or reject task updates
  • Baseline tasks
  • View Task Usage
  • Earned value report
  • Inform about task assignment/change through internal messaging
  • Link other objects like issues, risks with tasks
  • Export to csv

Resource Management

  • Add & Edit Resources
  • Assign resources to projects
  • View Resource project Assignments
  • View Resource Usage - work scheduled across all projects
  • View resource availability and loading
  • Enterprise and Non enterprise resources to differentiate between internal and external resources
  • Resource Calendar for personal time offs and task scheduling

Financial Management

  • Create and Manage Project Budgets
  • Enter and track Actual expenses against budgets
  • Create Purchase orders, invoices

Inventory Management

  • Monitor your stock of materials used in projects
  • Create and manage multi locational inventory
  • Do material receipts against POs to update inventory. Use challans to issue of material from inventory

Document Management

  • Add and store Project documents like contracts, drawings, etc
  • Control access to documents
  • Version management and Check out/Check in process to manage and control edits to document versions

Knowledge Management

  • Use Project discussion forums to discuss and share information with other project stakeholders
  • Use in-built email for all project related communication
  • Store all project documents in one place
  • Store and manage all project related material and communication in one place to facilitate Knowledge management

Time Management

  • Create and Edit Timesheet
  • Surrogate Timesheet (create on behalf of someone)
  • Import tasks (with actual values) from project or create your own task entries
  • Mark timesheet rows as billable for your invoicing needs
  • Forward to Timesheet Manager or others for review
  • Approve/Reject Timesheets.
  • Merge timesheets received from team members to easily create a team timesheet
  • Lock timesheet to block further edits
  • Link to other objects like tasks, issues etc.

Status Reporting

  • Request Status Reports
  • Create and Edit Status reports (in response to requests)
  • Create and Edit Adhoc Reports
  • Merge and build Consolidated report for the team
  • View Pending reports
  • Lock Reports to block further edits
  • Link to other objects like tasks, issues etc.
  • Show Status Report on Dashboard for executive review

Helpdesk and Issue Tracking

  • Create and Edit issues and track from initiation to resolution 
  • Set priority, status and assign to others
  • Link other objects like tasks, forums etc.
  • Lock issues for editing

Risk Management

  • Create risks
  • Identify mitigation, contingency plans, probability
  • Update risk status


  • Smart notifications about events through emails and internal messages 

Inbuilt messaging

  • Internal mailbox to communicate with your project mates
  • Receive notifications on events in internal mailbox


  • Flexible reports to show enterprise wide projects and resource status
  • Define project metrics and status and report the progress using the metrics
  • Build textual status reports of your projects including highlights, lowlights, achievement of current week, targets for next week etc.

Discussion Forums

  • Create your own project specific discussion forums
  • Manage who can create or post comments

Activity Logs

  • Activity Logs to help you to trace/audit your usage of the system.


Contact Management

  • Manage your contacts - vendors, customers and corporate contacts, 

toast PPM features

Portfolio Management

  • Organize projects into self defined portfolios
  • Identify or define business drivers for each portfolio
  • Prioritise projects based on business drivers
  • Review performance of projects
  • Make informed strategic decisions and ensure all projects adhere to strategic business goals