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Trial and Signup

How can I evaluate your product?

You can fill the  form to request an online demo. After the demo, free Pilot (guided trial) run can be arranged for potential users to allow them to use the software and understand its capabilities. During pilot run, you are provided free access to the online version of the product. This may have  limited features but enough to give you complete understanding of how the product features and operations. Pilot run of the software is available for use for a maximum of 45 days and for limited projects and users. During the pilot run, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by one of the mediums as indicated on the Contact page. 

What are the advantages of pilot run (guided trial) ?

Conducting pilot programs before actually implementing new software reduces the risk of failure, errors and delays. Pilot programs give our customers the opportunity to evaluate our software's capabilities and make changes that streamline and improve their processes. Importantly, this evaluation process needs to be guided especially in case of enteprise software like ours. Unguided trials are fine, for small software like personal backup software etc. and customers should insist on a guided evaluation of the software to make it a success.

What is the process to sign up?

If you have just evaluated our product, you can send us an email to get the account directly converted to a paid account and continue to use the data you already added. However if you evaluated our product sometime back, we will need to provide you a fresh registration and database.

Data and Security

Where is my company's data stored?

In house installation of the product can be done on the server of your choice. The hosted version is housed on a high end server in a world class data center. Your data is stored on our server and privacy and security is ensured.

How can I be sure that my data shall be kept private?

Hosted version - We are committed to keeping your data private and secure. We do not share or distribute your data except as provided in the our Terms of Use or may be as required by law.

How frequently is my data backed up?

Hosted version - Your data is backed up as per the schedule finalized with you and stored in a separate location. In case of issues, most recent backup data can be restored.


What is the implementation process?

Hosted version - Upon your sign up, we provide you admin access details for using the software. Using these details, you can define roles and add users who will use the software. The whole process of implementation can generally be completed within 24-48 hours. If any customization is required, it is estimated separately and customer is made aware of the expected date of delivery of this in the software.

In House installation and implementation - The process here is to install the software first and then configure it as per the organization needs. The time to complete the process varies depending upon the specifc needs of the organization.

Is any training required to use the product?

Our product is very easy to use and it can be picked up very easily. The product has an inbuilt user guide to help you. In general, trainings are not required to use the product. However, if you feel need of training, we can provide training at a separate cost through internet sessions.


How is licensing charged?

Hosted version - The charges are for usage per user per month. The charge is only for "active" users. An Active user is one who account is active and can access the product. You can add as many users as you like but at any point in time your active users shouldn't exceed the number of user licenses you purchased. You can yourself deactivate some users when a project is over and add new active users for new projects keeping the number of licenses the same.

In house licensed version - Please contact us for queries regarding this.

Do you prorate license charges based on numbers of days of use?

Hosted version - We don't prorate based on number of days of usage.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Hosted version - We do not offer refunds. The minimum commitment for the hosted service is 3 months. You can cancel your service any time. We don't prorate and issue refunds based on number of days of usage.