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toast EPM

Delight your customers - Deliver on time.  
Build a uniform way to govern all the projects in the company. Improve visibility and control of project and resource performance. Enhance productivity and communication through collaboration within project teams and customers

toast formerly known as Aceicon Project Server is a web-based project management software solution that comes packaged with enterprise project management features. Enterprise project or program management for your organization helps gain visibility, insight, and control across all projects, enhancing decision-making, improving alignment with business strategy, maximizing resource utilization, and increasing operational efficiency.

Enterprise project management and collaboration

With toast you can do centralized and consolidated monitoring and control of projects across your organization. Not only project teams, but Executives, Program managers and Stakeholders can see the current status of projects. Consolidated view help gain better control across all projects and manage them as programs. Some relevant features:

  • Review the status of projects, proposals via Dashboard and Project Center
  • Different Dashboard summary views for different people
  • Drill down into project details
  • Manage your contractors and review their progress
  • Manage and track project budgets
  • Review project data like issues, risks, timesheets and status reports etc.
  • Effortlessly collaborate and share essential information through team internal emails, forums and announcements

Enterprise resource management

Effectively manage and track your resources be it labor, material or equipment. You can review the allocation of resources in the organization to understand not only their current allocation to projects, but also to review trends and requirements for future resource types. You can dig into availability and assignments to analyze and make decisions about how resources are being used in your organization. Some relevant features:

  • Maintain inventory of all resources
  • Review resources utilization across projects
  • View resource allocation of resources to understand availability, capacity, and overall project assignments
  • View detailed assignments for resources

Our software comes as a full licensed version for in house installation and use or as a hosted service (SaaS) that your organization can register to and start using from day one without any in-house setup.

Why toast EPM?

Improve Project Performance

With visibility of up-to-date status at all time, the ability to proactively identify potential bottlenecks, issues and risks is possible and corrective steps can be taken to improve project performance.

Effective Resource Management

With visibility into overall work commitments, actual timesheets, and resource capabilities of your organizations, toast EPM solution helps you effectively manage your resources.

Centralized Repository

Keeping all your project documents, tenders, proposals etc. in one place speeds up project related data searches and increases team productivity.

MS Project Compatibility

Project managers can continue to plan in MS Project professional and share their plans with their team members once they import their plans into toast.

Collaborate with ease

Collaborate and communicate with ease within team and with customers.

Return on Investment

By enabling increased employee productivity, happier customers and reduced costs our EPM solution provides a positive and sustainable return on your investment.

Scalablable model

As your business grows, scale rapidly with cloud based toast EPM. Cloud computing in toast EPM helps your business stay agile.

Get it customized

Every business is different and needs customization to the software to match their processes. Get it done without any hassles in toast EPM.

Manage your business with all pre-built features or get it customized