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toast CRM

Gain new customers. Manage Sales & Leads with ease
Track your lead actions, followups, contacts, customers, documents, sales team performance and more


Check Sales projection and conversions to monitor sales team performance.


Capability to capture leads from emails and other sources. Track lead activities and assign action items to sales team 


Provide your customers superior service post lead conversion. Use toast EPM for full fledged service management.


Keep a central repository of all documents (tenders, proposals etc.) pertaining to leads. 


Use inbuilt analytical tools to analyze data, trends and performance.

On the go

Use toast CRM on your desktop or mobile. Great for a sales team that's always in the field.

Why toast CRM?

Automate Sales workforce

Use toast CRM modules to automate sales workforce by using inbuilt features to manage the overall sales process

Map Sales Team Hierarchy

Easily monitor and track your various sales teams and team members performance

Manage Sales Conversions

Easily provide post sales service. Provide customer access to portal for complaints, requests etc. Manage orders/projects using toast EPM

Maintain Contacts database

Build a contacts database of leads, accounts, customers, contractors etc.

Collaborate with ease

Collaborate and communicate with ease within team and with customers

Keep on top

Don't miss a follow up call or meeting. Get reminders and also full calendar of all meetings and follow ups.

Scalablable model

As your business grows, scale rapidly with cloud based  toast CRM. Cloud computing in toast CRM helps your business stay agile.

Get it customized

Every business is different and needs customization to the software to match their processes. Get it done without any hassles in toast CRM.

Manage your business with all pre-built features or get it customized